Do You Believe

Topics: Unidentified flying object, Planet, Extraterrestrial life Pages: 3 (1095 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Do You Believe In Aliens
Are we alone or do you believe in aliens? Most people would say no in public, but in truth most do believe.
A survey was taken of 29 people; they were asked one to three questions depending on their answer. Question # 1, “Do you believe aliens exist?” out of 29 people asked 24 said yes, they do believe aliens exist. Those 24 went on to the next question, Question # 2, “Do you believe aliens have visited Earth (even if just to fly past)?” of the 24 that answered yes to the first question 18 responded positive to question #2. So those 18 went on to answer the final question which was “Do you believe aliens have abducted humans and then returned them back to Earth?” Only four said “yes” to this question, most of those who said “no” wrote a reason to explain their reason for saying “no”. At least 10 people had very similar reasons in that they thought if aliens did abduct humans why would they bring them back, why not just kill the humans or cage them as we do animals in our zoos. Two people thought that all the stuff about anal probing was laughable and figured aliens would just take the D.N.A. or explore the brains of the humans they abducted. So most of the 29 people in this survey did believe aliens exist and more than half believe we have been visited by aliens even if it was just a fast fly-by. Can we really think that in the whole universe of planets, galaxies and solar systems on top of more solar systems that this tiny blip we call Earth is the only planet that can sustain life? Life does not have to walk crawl or slither into a spaceship and fly all the way to the Earth. Life can be almost anything. Plants, puppies or primordial ooze all can be considered life, though most people believe aliens have to have flown to the Earth. When you think how huge the “universe” really is, when one light year is equal to six trillion miles, it would be extremely rare not to find some kind of life on other planets. So then...
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