Do you believe?

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Magical Realism Paper
Life as we knew it quickly evaded from us as the sirens swam around our bodies embedding their screams in our ears and as the consistent sound rang through us, the dread over took my body. The war that we all prepared for was here, the one we read in our holy books, the one which many people spoke about but didn’t prepare themselves for. It was looked upon as a myth, but for us it spiraled around fusing itself with time, making the war between worlds reality. Nothing that I was grown to know, or to believe, was true today. As a nonbeliever, I was made to believe that nothing existed outside of Earth. I didn’t believe in God, I believed in science, in what I could see, in the physical because to me there was no spiritual. But as swarms of people soon flooded the streets, I soon became something I never thought I would become…a believer.

The areas of the cities where we were evacuated to were distinct in smell. It’s as if desperation and anguish had made its own scent in the area we were held in. The look on my sister’s face was overwhelming with fear, and we ran through crowds in search for answers. “What is that?” yelled out the guards. A massive cloud of smoke fluctuated towards us, and as it did the Earth started rumbling beneath our feet like drumsticks to a drum. Everyone fluttered around the cities yelling and screaming but clumsily fell to the ground due to the Earth’s movement. “Go, Go!” yelled the guard, pointing at this small squared outlet in the ground. Hysteria enlightened in me, and my mind overdosed itself with adrenaline. Tackling the herds, I held my sisters hand and whipped through the crowds not caring who was in front of me. We walked inside, and realized we weren’t alone. The underground world was flooded with people as far as I could see which carried rows and rows of people with distressed looks. The guard ran in and as soon as he did, all we heard was blistering screams from those who were not part of the underground. Suffering and despair quarreled above us and then silence. “What was that?”

“What happened out there?”
“Are we going to be okay?”
“Listen up people, as of right now you are of the few that were selected to live, granted a second chance in life. Line up and you will be given a number, stamped on your right hand. We are under attack, and it’s nothing that we can explain as of right now, but…” “How can you not explain what happened out there?” a man shouted. “Thousands of people are dying out there and now what? We’re here in this hole and we’re supposed to thank you for putting us here? Screw that.” The guard slowly walked to him, reached for his gun and pointed it to the man’s head, “Does this answer your question? Now you cooperate or else you’ll be like one of them.” He pointed up, signifying the souls they abandoned above. “Now listen up, everyone will have a certain number signifying your fatality. Unfortunately, not everyone will make it out of this war. It’s us against the world, and if you choose to go astray…” he chuckled, “then you know what will happen. Line up!” We hustled up, trembling with fear, lining up like slaves waiting for answers. One by one, the numbers were placed on our right hands, identifying us and foretelling our fate, and as I got closer, my anxiety grew. I turned to look at my sister, and upon turning, the scent of blueberry whiffed through my nose and for a second I grew to remember those weekends back when my mother was still alive. My mother always surprised us with blueberry muffins every Sunday morning. I started remembering the night I found out that she was gone. My mother was the closest thing to an angel, and I was extremely close to her. When I found out she died, I couldn’t believe it. She was everything I had, the only thing I had besides my sister, and my sister was still very young to even remember back when my mother was alive. I just never understood why a God could take someone so special and so loving away...
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