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Do you agree or disagree whether Parents are the best teachers?

By shashaank-mathur Oct 07, 2013 300 Words
No matter how people discuss the statement that parents are the best teachers, there would be some arguments agree with it, while others do not. By virtue of personal experience, social phenomena and several research between parents and children, I prefer to agree with the statement. The most important reason and specific examples will be described below.

Firstly, parents effect our behavior. As we are unmature and young, parents always show us which way to go. For example, they teach us how to speak, grab our hands and teach us to walk. Also, they take care of us until we can do things alone, which we simutaneously learn from them. With parents' taught, we turn ourselves into independent people.

Secodly, parents share their lives with us connectively. On one hand, from children to adult, we grow up with parents by our sides. For instance, mostly, we see parents in our first sight. On the other hand, people who live together share similar experiences. We automatically become more and more alike to people who live with us for a long period, such as parents.

Last but not least, parents are powerful to children. When we are young and unmature, we listen to parents. When we become teenagers, we are legally protected and controlled by our parents. When we grow up, we respect our parents for their giveness and careness. As the result, the advices from parents are more important than any other person.

Consequently, when it comes to agree or disagree with the statement that parents are the best teachers, the above arguements are considerable and influentable. Either people are willing to be effected by parents or not, parents still have numerous influences to teach us what to do. Therefore, I agree with the statement that patents are the best teachers.

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