Essay On Romeo And Juliet Parents

Topics: Parent, Childhood, Parenting, Mother, The Child, Developmental psychology / Pages: 3 (689 words) / Published: Feb 3rd, 2017
All throughout the play of Romeo and Juliet, there are many underlying themes. One underlying theme I noticed was the theme of the role of a parent. Throughout the play, the parents play a huge role, though it may not be the best role for our titular characters. There are pretty much two sides to this argument of “what is the role of a parent?” I feel that in the play the parents are there to be almost a nuisance, but not intentionally. In real life however, parents could also be very influential figures in children’s lives and really shape them to be good people. As shown in the play, parents can sometimes be a pain without knowing it. Parents can be very controlling their child’s life and try to make their child a mirror of themselves. Parents almost never intend to do their child wrong but sometimes they do, even if it was unintentional. If the …show more content…
Parents have more experience in the world. They have been around longer, seen more, and just know more than their child. This wisdom can be passed down through the child, making the child a better person that knows more about the world. “Parents have raised their children for their entire lives, and therefore know what their abilities are and what they are capable of. Because of this, parents are generally able to know their child's limits and how far to push them in achieving a certain task.” Thuc Dzu Jan. 11, 3:02 AM. I think this really states the fact that parents know what is good for their children well. Another perspective is that parents should let their children make their own choices. Some people say that a child is a different person than their parents and that their parent should say out of their life as much as possible. A parent is the guiding force the bring children to adulthood, but these people say that the child should be that force and grow up to be a completely new person. They say that the world would be boring if everyone was the

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