Do Premature Factors Affect the Student’s Academic Achievement?

Topics: Education, Single-sex education, Female Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: October 18, 2008
There are no claims that academic study is very important. Every student has his own aims. They can include a desire to have an extra qualification or a skill for career purposes, gain knowledge or improve themselves. One of the efficient ways to achieve them can be separated classes. Some scientists support this theory as girls and boys vary greatly both physiologically and psychologically whereas other scholars claim that the advantages of single-sex classes are not so obvious. The main factor which supports the benefits of single-sex classes is the differences between males and females. The most significant among them are physiological. The brains of girls and boys differ in an important way. These differences are genetically programmed and are present at birth. Moreover, girls and boys have different learning styles. The National Association for Single-Sex Public Schools has found that boys prosper a competitive environment whereas girls prefer a collaborative approach to learning. Also researchers mention that single-sex environment has a positive influence on enrolment in non-traditional subject areas for male and female students. For instance, girls are more likely to learn upper level science and math while boys are more likely to study upper level language arts. As a result, separated schools offer unique educational opportunities for girls and for boys. Another advantage of separated education is the higher level of concentration. The strongest conformation of this fact is the absence of sexual destructions. In single-sex schools girls are able to focus more on academics without having to worry about pleasing the guys. And boys said: “When there’s a hot girl in class you tend to look at her and not concentrate”. In addition, girls reported that in girls-only classes they were more likely to take risks even if they resulted in mistakes because they were free from the embarrassment caused by the presence of boys. This environment makes the girls feel...
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