Single Sex School and Coed School

Topics: Education, Gender, Female Pages: 3 (971 words) Published: October 10, 2010
Single-sex and coed schools have long co-exited, each one offering unique benefits. There has been a long standing debate about which one offers a better educational experience for students. Currently, more parents are considering single-sex schools for their children. According to “Single-Sex School Are the Answer,” Maria Espinoza, a worried mother who feels strongly that same-sex schools will help students reach their full academic potential and their personal development which will eventually help them become more successful. She says that if the same sexes are in the same classroom they are more likely to compete against each other and learn better. They do not have to be worry about looking good for the opposite sex. Espinoza states that teachers who teach math and science courses often focus more attention on the boys than they do girls so separating the genders can really provide the other gender the same amount of attention. She also mentions that boys tend to learn at a slower rate than girls and that the boys often feel less advance in education compared to girls. Therefore, it is better for the sexes to learn in a single-sex classroom so that teachers can adapt their teaching style to fit the genders’ way of learning. Although people may think that it is wrong to separate boys and girls in school, I strongly agree with Espinoza that same-sex schools offer higher quality education a and are better in nurturing the academic and personal growth of students.

Espinoza claims that distractions revolving around the opposite sex are one of the major reasons that many students fail. [ E. right?] When distractions such as trying to impress the opposite sex are eliminated students will be able to focus more on their learning and thinking. Segregating the genders in school eliminates these distractions. According to Nicole Starsinic’s, author of “Where the Boys Aren’t” article, “anecdotal feedback suggests a single-sex environment frees...
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