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Topics: Concert band, The Band, Marching band, Trip / Pages: 2 (481 words) / Published: Jun 27th, 2013

Li Yin played the trumpet for the college Symphonic Band. Her hard work and perseverance contributed to the college clinching the certificate of distinction at the 2013 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Concert Bands). During rehearsals, she worked hard to improve her skills. She demonstrated good time management skills in managing her Symphonic Band commitments and studies, especially during the competition period when she had practices up to 5 times a week. She was also actively involved in her pursuit of music and participated in the biennial concert of the Symphonic Band, Aureus Experentia XV. Li Yin further honed her communication and interaction skills when the band participated in two Local Exchanges, one with the Hin Hwa High School from Malaysia, and another with the Symphonic Band from Ping-
Jen High School (Taiwan). She was also involved in other events such as the college Open House and Co-Curricular Activities Bazaar where she promoted the Symphonic Band enthusiastically, showing her passion and dedication.

Li Yin was part of the team that volunteered at WILLING HEART during a Service-Learning Project in 2013. The purpose of the project was to help the needy members of the society by distributing food packets for these people. She was responsible in doing her work and exhibited effective teamwork with her classmates to ensure that the tasks assigned to them were completed smoothly. Li Yin displayed humility in her willingness to give back to the society and helping the less privileged by accepting the task to be accomplished with an open mind and an open heart, showing her compassion and care for the needy people. She was able to overcome the monotony of the work assigned and in participating in the project, she developed a deeper understanding of the effort required in serving the community. Li Yin completed the project with greater awareness of the needy people in the society and is more willing to help these people in future.


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