Extra-curricular activities

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Some student may prefer academic works to extracurricular activities as for them, these activities serve a less important task than that of studying for an outstanding grade. Nonetheless, these students actually are oblivious to the potential cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence that can be attained and trained after taking part in the extracurricular activities. In my experience, fortunately, I had a chance to contribute to the annual Charity Fair of my A-level College, Abbey College Cambridge. This events expanded my view about surrounding world and provided me with the basic skills for my life. Firstly, The first lesson I learned when participated in the Charity Fair was about the significance of generosity in our community. The Charity Fair's preparation was obtaining the unused personal stuffs such as back bags, books, even clothes, and decorative sculptures. In order to complete the task efficiently, I and my friends had to encourage Abbey students to give away their stuffs with banners and paper leaves. It took us some time to think of the model for captivating banners, and the idea was obliterating the egotistical mind of the students and heartening their munificence to the destitute people. Therefore, we created banners that contained less words but more meanings. For instance, The banners such as "Utilizing our abandoned stuffs by giving them away" and "Let our old commodities bring new happiness to the others" successfully captured the attentions of other students, so our collecting process went smoothly and resulted in an better outcome than that in our expectations. Sometimes people need a little encouragements in order to express their altruism towards others. I realized that when we provides people with the suitable means to do good deeds, everyone will choose to help others as much as their affordability allows them to do. Secondly, another critical skill that the charity required me was the ability to work as the member of a team....
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