Do Mealworms Like Light or Dark Environment Better

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Do Mealworms Like Light or Dark Environment Better
Sarah Tolland
Biology 8 F1
September 28, 2014

I was assigned to do an experiment on mealworms with a few other students in class. The question we answered was do mealworms like a dark or light environment better? First we made a hypothesis. We believed that the mealworms would like the dark environment better than the lighter one. We placed five mealworms in the same dish and half of the dish was covered so it would be dark and we left the other half light for the different environments. We did five trials and got results that were very alike. All five times there were more mealworms in the dark environment than those in the light. From our observations of the experiment we made a conclusion and our hypothesis was correct, the mealworms chose the dark environment over the light one.

My friends and I did an experiment on weather mealworms would rather be in darkness or in the light. After observing the mealworm’s behavior we made a hypothesis stating that a mealworm would prefer a dark environment over a light one. During our observations we paid extra close attention to whether or not they would burrow under the oatmeal where it is dark or if they would just stay out it the open where it is light. This would give us hints on their preferences of lighting but there is also the possibility of them only going into the oatmeal to eat. We looked at the long ones, the fat ones, the skinny ones, and the baby ones to help us make our hypothesis. For the experiment we had to find a way to make two environments in the same area, one dark, and one light. We used many different materials when we made our experiment. We had a petri dish, paper, and a black Expo marker to make the environment. Then we used five mealworms of different sizes to test on and forceps to move them around. The methods we used throughout the experiment were pretty simple. First we colored on the paper with the Expo...
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