Lab Report 8 Bio 112

Topics: Null hypothesis, Hypothesis, Statistical hypothesis testing Pages: 3 (596 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Lab Report: Animal Behavioral Diversity
Biology 112
Lucas LLona

1) a. Based on background knowledge regarding beta fish, I believe that the male beta fish will be the first out of the two specimens to display any aggressive behavior. b.
- Pectorals flap at rapid speeds when the beta fish is uncomfortable and appears agitated. - The gill cover expands in size when the beta fish is uncomfortable. - Caudal fin moves quickly when agitated and also determines how quickly the specimen moves. c.

1. H 0 : There is no change in the flapping speed.
H A : There will be change in speed of the flapping.
2. H 0 : The gill cover will not expand.
H A : There will be change in size of the gill cover.
3. H 0 : The caudal fin will not increase or decrease in speed. H A : The caudal fin will move rapidly.
d. - No color change occurs in interaction and separation.
- Gill cover unfolded twice in 30 seconds.
e. Yes, my results do support my alternate hypothesis because firstly, we recorded that the gill cover would unfold more than once when put in an environment with another specimen of beta. 2) a. The worm will be more oriented to move toward the wet side of the paper towel as opposed to the dry side of the paper towel. b. The response variable that I am going to use for this experiment will be the movement that will eventually increase to either the wet or dry side. c.

H 0: There will be no movement by any of the worms.
H A : There will be movement as the worm goes to one of the sides. d. My experimental design was very simple and realistic where in which I intended to get the best results out of it. It’s a paper towel placed inside of a Tupperware. We then put water on half of the paper towel and put worms at the middle of the box and observed which side it preferred to go to. e. Yes, there are potential confounding factors in this experiment, such as placing the worms on the paper towel and also the amount of moisture that...
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