Do heels make you taller?

Topics: Foot, United States customary units, Inch Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: April 28, 2014
Rather then creating a fight to let out my thoughts I prepared a document and in no way is this insulting trying to you, this is just some information I have gathered. After this presentation I would like to hope there will no longer be an issue in regards to this topic. On friday, January 31st I was the recipient of the comment "heels don't make you look taller" followed by " I'm just saying you look cuter when you are short" I am aware this was a tactic to insult me and let out inner rage in the form of a joke, hoping I would not notice that this was a snarky comment however this only made me feel slightly enraged but mostly sparked an interest to research what had been said. The truth is, with women's heels really don't give what you might imagine. Its all to do with the pivot point of your foot. Although the foot itself isn't that simple a pivot. The back of your heel that is raised is not an actual indication of the real raise in height you obtain. Naturally, this is because of the way your foot pivots. The maximum I can measure whilst standing on my tiptoes, in pretty much the same extreme angle is 2.85 inches over my barefoot height, and my school shoes are a size 8.5 so not a great % of women would have larger feet. That's the maximum real angle you could stand in high angle stilleto heels, unless you want to walk around like a ballerina! The vast majority of traditional style women's heels (those were the front section is 1cm or so) will give 2-3 inches over their barefoot height. When a moderate platform is added to the heel this certainly can take you higher. For example I recently bought a pair of four-and-a-quarter-inch platform booties, and they made me look quite tall! If I was 5'4" I looked almost as tall as my 5'9". If the booties only gave me half to two thirds of their heel height, that's less than three inches, which should make me 5'6" and a half at the very most. How did I look almost 5'9"? Therefore heels do make you look taller and you...
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