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  • United States Customary Units and Complete Item

    1334I Math for Marines PRINT EXAM 1. The single factor that made the Hindu-Arabic number system superior is the (A) ability to perform addition. (B) compounding of powers of ten. (C) invention of zero. (D) ability to repeat numbers. 2. The two purposes of the digits in any number are to show the (A) natural and face values. (B) cardinal and face values. (C) natural and place values. (D) cardinal and place value. 3. Which set consists entirely of natural numbers

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  • Buoyancy: United States Customary Units and Water Ski Enthusiasts

    Today most people think of ships as common every day tools that don’t take much to understand. One builds a hull and some little structuring later and bam you have a ship. But ship building is much more than taking some metal and building a floating structure. It takes years of understanding and research to build such a vessel. Mankind has been building ships for centuries but it was not until the 17th century that Archimedes‚ a great Greek Mathmatitions‚ ideas were used and studied closely.

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  • Converting Units

    Section 1.4—Converting Units Often‚ a measurement is more convenient in one unit but is needed in another unit for calculations. Dimensional Analysis is a method for converting between units. Equivalents Dimensional Analysis uses equivalents. What is an equivalent? Two measurements that have the same meaning. Ex: What happens if you put one over the top of the other? See your reference sheet for some common equivalencies. We can use these conversion

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  • Imperial Units and Floor Space

    possible solution. However‚ each problem is unique. This requires an overall understanding of how to set these up. You need to buy some filing cabinets. You know that Cabinet X costs $10 per unit‚ requires six square feet of floor space‚ and holds eight cubic feet of files. Cabinet Y costs $20 per unit‚ requires eight square feet of floor space‚ and holds twelve cubic feet of files. You have been given $140 for this purchase‚ though you don’t have to spend that much. The office has room for no

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  • Imperial Units and Technology Math Trialsput

    ENGT 1000 Intro to Technology MATH TRIALS|Put answers on a paper and turn it in at the next class.| 1. Mr. Brown went grocery shopping to buy meat for his annual office picnic. He bought 7 ¾ pounds of hamburger‚ 17.85 pounds of chicken‚ and 6 ½ pounds of steak. How many pounds of meat did Mr. Brown buy?a) 21.10 b) 22.10 c) 26.25d) 31.31 e) 32.10|6. The diagram (right) shows a pasture which is fenced in. All but one section of fence runs straight north-south or east-west. Consecutive

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  • Imperial Units and Ounces C. Solve

    MATH10 ON-LINE ACTIVITY # 1 Name: 1.__________________________________ COURSE/SECTION _______ 2.__________________________________ DATE __________________ Answer the following problems correctly. Provide your complete solution and enclosed in a box your final answer. A. Find the solution set of the following equations: 1. 2t-7=3 2. x2-2x-5=x+1 3. 3x-5=7-3x+2 4. 8-2x-3-2x=2 B. Find the ratio of the quantities: a. 32 days to 150 hours

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  • French Macaron Recipe Research

    whites (or 5 small – 140g) 1/3 cup caster sugar (70g) 1 1/2 cups icing sugar (230g) 1 cup almond meal (120g) 2g salt (tiny pinch) gel food colouring (optional) (note cup measurements are metric cups where 1 cup=250ml in the USA some cups use customary units and 1 cup = 236ml if that is the case use scales to measure the weight). Macaron Recipe Directions Preheat the oven to 150 degrees C Place egg whites and cater sugar in a bowl and mix with electric mixer for 8-10 minutes (yes really)‚ add gel

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  • Conversion Factor

    CHAPTER 1 CONVERSION FACTORS FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING PRACTICE Civil engineers throughout the world accept both the United States Customary System (USCS) and the System International (SI) units of measure for both applied and theoretical calculations. However‚ the SI units are much more widely used than those of the USCS. Hence‚ both the USCS and the SI units are presented for essentially every formula in this book. Thus‚ the user of the book can apply the formulas with confidence anywhere in

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  • Income Tax: Problems and Solutions

    Solve by finding the root of an equation in just one unknown. 1. A rope 75 feet long is cut into two pieces where one is 11 feet long than the other. Find their lengths. Let x = shorter piece’s lenght x + 11 = longer piece’s lenght Solution: x + x +11 = 75 2x = 75 – 11 2x = 64 2x = 64 2 2 x = 32 x + 11 = 32 + 11 = 43 2. Find the dimensions of a rectangle where the altitude

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  • Guesstimates

    BRAINTEASERS AND GUESSTIMATES Vault Guide to Finance Interviews Brainteasers and Guesstimates Stress Tests Perhaps even more so than tough finance questions‚ brainteasers and guesstimates can unnerve the most icy-veined‚ well-prepared finance candidate. Even if you know the relationships between inflation‚ bond prices and interest rates like the back of a dollar bill‚ all your studying may not help you when your interviewer asks you how many ping pong balls fit in a 747. That is partly their

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