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Do Educated Women Makes Better Mother?

By noellekow Oct 06, 2012 426 Words
“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. ’’ Mothers play a vital role in the upbringing of children and they nurture the babies with all the important values to make them great leaders, tycoons, corporate kings and masters of their professions. Therefore, educated women indeed make great mothers as they are more aware of the needs, norms and necessities of this challenging world that their children are going to face. An educated mother knows how to use psychology to her advantage and pave the way for the child to attain great heights. Some educated mothers force their children to excel which puts these children into a planetarium of success. “You have to be cruel in order to be kind.” Therefore, they may exercise force on their children but it is only a good education will pave the way to a brighter future. Prominent lawyers, doctors and lecturers, writers and other professional pay great tribute to their mothers who took great care for them to emerge the victorious lot and to become the best in the society. “Behind every successful man is a woman.”The educated mother is aware of the perils of illiteracy and will ignorance and being ill-equipped for the future. So, educated mothers will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that their offspring are healthy, strong, fit and most importantly multi-talented. This positive approach allows the children to be the best and to reach for the sky. Education helps these mothers to steer their children away from bad habits, immoral behavior and wrong ways.An educational mother can teach her children when they lag behind in their schoolwork. Some teachers are mothers too and it is not uncommon to see their children doing profoundly well in examinations.Apart from that, educated mothers are a source of inspiration for their children. When the children are aware of the high capability and integrity of their mothers, they will follow suit in their mother’s footsteps. Educated mothers motivate their children in all aspects. These mothers are also aware of setbacks, failure, frustrations and peer pressure. Being educated allows these mothers to use professional approaches in handling children to help them overcome these obstacles in life. Educated mothers indeed know the strength and the weakness of their children. They will teach their children to capitalize on their strengths but not in weakness. This positive approach will go a long way in life. We can, therefore, come to conclusion that educated mothers create a future generation of capable, intelligent, highly skilled and profound individuals.

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