Diversityreligion and the Workplace

Topics: Religion, Major religious groups, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 11 (3397 words) Published: June 19, 2013
The paper explores the different issues related to diversity in workplaces, and their importance in improving high productivity in the business organizations. The paper also discusses the role religion with the respect to workplaces diversity and its implications for the business.

Table of Contents
Why Diversity is Important5
Dimensions of Diversity9
Physical Abilities12
Religious Diversity15
Religious Discrimination16

Diversity and the Workplace
The concept of diversity in workplace builds upon the fundamental principles of equal employment opportunity to incorporate natural differences such as intellectual or physical ability, sexual preferences and orientation, gender, cultural background, language, religion, ethnicity, race and age. Diversity is also demonstrated by other ways in which people could possibly be different,such as socioeconomic conditions, educational or academic background, family responsibilities, marital status, personality attributes, and life experiences. The complex task of managing diversity in the work place involves recognizing and respecting individual uniqueness ,to realize and utilize the full potential of the workforce in order to help the business organization achieve its goals. Diversity strategies greatly aid in building the relationship between the business organization and the community in which it operates (Harvey, & Allard, 2009). Workplace diversity also helps in enhancing the contribution and productivity of the employees thereby improving the quality of products, programs and services the business offers. People invest a great portion of their time and energy in workplaces, and jobs that are much more than a mere means of sustenance and subsistence. Our professional ,religious,and social associations are similar to some extent,as they forms part of our identity. This fact often reflects the nature of a conflict that consequently occurs between individual employees and their professional obligations in the workplace. Employers and managers, are tasked with effectively managing the increasing diversified workplace as a direct result of globalization.They often find themselves facing major dilemmas when employees of diverse cultures are devoted and faithful to their beliefs and are conflicted with their business interests. These conflicts occasionally escalate into legal suits ,with the law to resolve the conflicts. There are great many benefits of maintaining diversity in work place. It creates and maintains a corporate environment more supportive and inclusive and offers opportunity in terms of better team work and an effective and efficient service delivery to the clients thereby resulting in higher gains. Workplace diversity boosts productivity of employees, while encouraging creativity and alternative thinking which helps in improving the decision making process. This paper aims at exploring the concept of workplace diversity with special emphasis on managing the religious belonging and obligations of employees and its implication for the business.

Effective management of workplace diversity presents increasing complex challenge in countries with large population of immigrants.Subsequently, every organization, irrespective of its area of operation, should ensure awareness of diversity in the workplace for ethical reasons. Organizations are obliged to deal with their workforce fairly and respectful in ways that are supportive and inclusive for employees, taking into account employees’ unique identity, obligations and background. Organizations are, however, not ethically or morally bound and responsible for their employees. However,there are legal obligations for business organizations to operate in a manner that is...
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