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Generational Diversity:
Generation= Generasjonsskifte, those who were born during a certain era. They share similar experiences growing up and their values and attitudes, particularly about work-related topics, tend to be similar, based on their shared experiences during their formative years. Diversity= mangfold

Dealing with diversity in the workplace means understanding and relating effectively with people who are different than you. Generational Diversity: In any large organization, you are bound to find divisions, units, or work teams where at least four distinct generations are working side by side. There are differences between these generations in the way they approach work, work/life balance, employee loyalty, authority, and other important issues. I’m going to discuss the relevance of these differences to organizational performance. Generations:

* Mautures: Besteforeldre
* Boomers: Våre foreldre som er litt eldre
* Generation X: Våre foreldre som er yngst
* Millenials – Oss, vår alder

Matures: This generation was born before or in the World War 2. This generation only accounts for 5% of the workforce today. This generation I influenced by family and religion. Education is viewed as a dream. This generation is marked by these values:

* Dedication
* Sacrifice
* Hard Work
* Conformity
* Law and order
* Respect for authority
* Duty before pleasure.
Boomers: These are born around 1940-1960/64. They account for 45% of the workforce, biggest generation in the workforce today. This generation is often called self-absorbed. They went from Hard work ethic to the benefit of the individual, as opposed to the company/organization. Education is seen as a more birthright than a dream. Their values are:

* Optimism
* Team orientation
* Personal gratification
* Health and wellness
* Personal growth
* Work
* Involvement

Generation X: Born between 1960 and 1980 and are between 25-45 years old, accounting 40 % of the workforce. Generation X is known primarily as the first generation to enter the workforce after the first wave of corporate downsizing. Where Bloomers lived to work, Generation X works to live, and work/life balance is also a hallmark of this generation. Bloomers challenged the leaders with intent to replace them, Generation X tend to ignore leaders. Their values are:

* Diversity
* Thinking Globally
* Balance
* Fun
* Informality
* Self-reliance

Millennials: This is the newest generation in the workforce. It is those that was born after 1980 and account for 10 % of the workforce. Still discovering this generation, but it mainly characterizes around technology. This generation was raised with the Internet. Generation X also has knowledge of technology, but Millenials have known nothing but PCs, email and the internet. This has maid their perspective more global, connected around clock. Millenials take the work/life balance a step further, to the point where leisure is actually interwoven (sammenvevd) with work. Their values are:

* Optimism
* Confidence
* Achievement
* Sociability
* Morality
* Street smarts
* Diversity

Differences between the generations in the workplace:
Values drive behavior, often in ways that we don’t even notice, when people are working side-by-side and have different values, there tend to be some conflicts. E.g. Boomers and generation X often clash over the topic of benefits. Baby Boomers, with their own retirement looming, often place emphasis on retirement benefits, contributions and the like. Generation Xers, on the other hand may be focused on dependent care and parental leave. The challenge in organizations is to provide benefits (and particularly communicate changes in them) that address both generations’ needs. Boomers see Generation Xers as disrespectful of rules and lack of employer loyalty, of course, have different view of themselves-and why they...
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