Divergent "family" Essay

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Family are the people who claim you when you don’t know who you are and help you even if it means giving up their lives. For Tris, the main character in Divergent her family tree branches out far and wide, when she decides to switch factions and become part of the dauntless, the brave. Tris goes through many thing that push her to her limits and makes her wonder if she just made the biggest mistake of her life by leaving her family, her own flesh and blood, for people who she has never even met. But soon Tris finds people who support her, claim her, and love her, just like her other family would.

One of the people Tris finds is Christina a fellow transfer. Christina is from Candor meaning she calls anything and everything like she sees. Tris and Christina are in a very similar situation and from that they bond, soon Christina and Tris become very close and count on each other for support through the dauntless initiation. On page 119 you see Christina looking out for Tris and helps her when she wakes up late for initiation. Christina and Tris lookout for each other just they would their blood siblings, and that is what makes them so much like a family.

Another person Tris finds a family in is Four, her dauntless initiation trainer. Four is a little rough around the edges but Tris see through that. Soon they become romantically involved and Tris discovers some of Fours deepest secrets. The two help each other through issues they face and demons that haunt them. When Tris is pinned against Four in a simulation attack she realizes that she rather die they hurt him. Soon after they realize they love each other and become inseparable (page 485-486). As a couple Four and Tris protect each other like true family and that in itself makes them, a true family.

Overall Tris develops a family tree that stretches far and wide from her small house in the Abnegation faction. During hard times Tris counts on her extended family to keeps her safe and sane. When Tris...
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