Divergent: Eye Color and Chosen Faction

Topics: Eye color, Hair color, Black hair Pages: 4 (1055 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Setting of Divergent
The story takes place in Chicago during an undisclosed time period. •The city is walled with armed guards that keep people in the city. •The city is divided into five factions that focus on one virtue: Abnegation, selfless; Amity, peace; Candor, truth; Dauntless, brave; and Erudite, intelligence. •Teens who are 16 must choose a faction. An initiation process follows. If one does not make it through the process, he or she will be factionless. •To be factionless is to be homeless without a group, without an identity.

Nutritional Facts: The Characters *Characters listed in alphabetical order CharacterDescription
Allargest/broadest of all the initiates, strong, large soft features, big nose, big lips, big eyes, dark brown eyes, ½ foot taller than Will, commits suicide into the chasm Born Faction: Candor
Chosen Faction: Dauntles
Beatrice Prior
("Tris" is the main character and narrator)Hair color: Blond Eye color: Blue-gray
Physical description: Dull blond hair twisted in a knot or braided, narrow face, large wide round eyes, long thin nose, blue/gray eyes, small frame. “I still look like a little girl, though sometime in the last few months I turned sixteen.” Tris gets three tattoos: three ravens above her collar bone representing her three family members that she left behind, the Abnegation symbol on one shoulder, and the Dauntless symbol on the other. Tris is very stubborn and tough.

Born Faction: Abnegation/Divergent
Chosen Faction: Dauntless #1 initiation
Caleb Prior
Physical appearance: Dark hair, mother’s green eyes, dimpled cheeks, and hooked nose. Born Faction: Abnegation
Chosen Faction: Erudite (drops out of initiation when he discovers Jeanine’s plot)

Family Members
Christinatall, dark brown skin (black), brown eyes, dark, lean, short chin-length black hair, pretty, top teeth are straight, bottom teeth are crooked, has a younger sister Born Faction: Candor
Chosen Faction:...
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