Discrimination in Gattaca

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I chose the photo of Vincent coming up on the substance test as an 'invalid' because it is a good example of discrimination. In the world of Gattaca, the people who are 'invalid' are seen as inferior and are considered lower-class people. They are given the lower class jobs as their genes show that they are not worthy of anything better.

"I belonged to a new underclass, no longer determined by social status or the color of your skin. No, we now have discrimination down to a science." This quote by Vincent is also a good example of how discrimination is evident in Gattaca. The moment you are born your future is basically laid ahead of you; your intelligence, physical capabilites, diseases or conditions you will get and when you will die.

The photo of Eugene's apartment showing the spiral staircase is a good example of the 'modernist' style. The staircase is a grand architectural feature and suggests wealth and taste. The circular staircase is an important symbol and evokes a number of connotations - most significantly, it has the shape of a double helix (the DNA pattern). This continually links to the theme of genetics which is a common convention of the Sci-Fi genre.

The lighting and colours are effective techniques in Gattaca. The palette of the film is mainly green and a mix of blue/grey. It is visually cold and this is done deliberately to to reflect the sterile environment that is the world of Gattaca. Floods of green in the film show threat or tension. I chose a photo where Vincent exits a building into an alleyway, where he is asked by a police officer for his ID, and then Vincent knocks the guard out. In this scene, there are floods of green and murky colours of brown. Contrastingly, there are scenes which are bathed in golden light, such as when Vincent's ambition of going to space is revealed and the scene of Vincent and Irene's intimacy. This technique shows a different colour lighting compared to the rest of the...
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