Disaster Recovery Plan

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Disaster Recovery Plan

Student Name: joe miller
* Axia College
* IT/244 Intro to IT Security
Instructor’s Name: Scott Sith
Date: 04/10/2011
Disaster Recovery Plan

* Risk Assessment
* Critical business processes
* When it comes to maintaining and securing everyday operations within a company you need to have implemented a Disaster recovery Plan. A DRP is sort of an insurance policy so a company can maintain certain activities such as payroll and the delivery of important data. A tool that keeps a company running in times that are dire is a must for every company.

* Internal, external, and environmental risks
* There are many risks that can lead to a company having to deal with a disastrous situation and having a plan in place that you can react quickly with is a must to prevent as much loss as possible. There are internal risks such as an employee deleting information or the failure of technical equipment. There are external risks that can include viruses that could crash operating systems. Finally there are environmental risks such as earthquakes or tornadoes that could do damage to company property. * Disaster Recovery Strategy

With all the risk factors a good strategy needs to be set in place. I think the off site location method would be best because it allows the team to step back and evaluate while being outside the box. This seems to be a method many companies use. This also allows you to keep up with all outside agreements with customers and suppliers.
* Disaster Recovery Test Plan
* There are five methods in testing a DRP and below is a...

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* Disaster Recovery Journal 1999. www.drj.com
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