Disaster Management

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Disaster Management

A Disaster can be
defined as:
A sudden accident or
natural event that
causes loss of life.
The biggest problem
with the disasters is the
suddenness and
swiftness with which
they arrive.

Disasters whether natural or

man-made can strike at any time.
The general response to a
disaster is in terms of relief and
rescue operations.
If we are adequately prepared, its
possible to severely reduce the
impact of a disaster.
The impact can be reduced
through a good understanding of
preventive actions.

Types of Natural Disasters





Disaster Management Cycle

 Response:

Actions taken to
save lives or property damage.
Recovery: Actions that assist
a community to return to a
sense of normalcy after a
 Mitigation: Reduces the
chance of a hazard taking place.
 Preparedness: Plans made to
save lives or property.

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