Director of Medical Education - Job Despription

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Director of Medical Education (DME)

The Director of Medical Education is responsible for maintaining and developing the profile of education within the organisation and promoting high quality education. They should develop a local strategy for medical and dental education, be responsible for the Business of Medical Education and Training and for ensuring the delivery of the Deanery Educational Contract. They will have a close professional relationship with the Dean/Deanery to ensure quality control of programmes, develop and deliver the wider multi-professional educational agenda and for supporting and developing tutors as educators.

The DME should be a Senior Officer in the Health Organisation, with a seat on or access to the senior decision making structures within the organisation ensuring that medical education is fully integrated with the delivery and future requirements of the service both operationally and strategically. Recent changes to the way junior doctors are trained, as part of Modernising Medical Careers (MMC), and restrictions imposed by the Working Time Directive pose challenges to both the educational and service environments. The explicit specialty curricula and assessments of competence detailed in MMC have changed the type of educational provision required within Trusts. Increasingly knowledge and skills training are being dealt with in the work-place. This requires a co-ordinated, cross-specialty approach with educational support readily available for those charged with implementing the curricula and carrying out assessments. “Transition” from the current postgraduate medical training arrangements to those envisaged under MMC will take a minimum of 5 years and will require careful management to ensure that neither education and training nor service suffers.

Education as a core NHS responsibility, is on a par with clinical activity, and as such requires robust governance policies and procedures. PMETB has the responsibility in the UK for quality assuring specialty training at a national level. At a local level it is essential that quality assurance takes place outside scheduled PMETB inspections and this requires local leadership. Education is increasingly seen as an integrated, inter-professional activity and appropriate linkages need to be developed at the local level.

Quality assured, competency based, time limited and seamless medical training is key to Government’s commitment to a high quality, consultant based service. Central to this is quality assured postgraduate medical education and training. Trusts will need to create and develop a first class “educational environment” if they are to attract and retain approved training posts. There will be a need to develop and enhance the teaching and training skills of existing medical staff.

The need for educational governance is recognised by all key education stakeholders – PMETB, Deaneries, NACT UK and Royal Colleges – as is the need for a dedicated medical educational lead at Trust level. Following failures of educational supervision (e.g. Southampton University Hospitals Trust) the NHS Litigation Authority in England now views educational governance as a key component of overall corporate governance.

The structure for medical education created within the organisation should encompass medical students, doctors in training, Career/Trust posts, SASG and consultants with clear roles and responsibilities of all involved. The Director of Medical Education should be involved in the processes of NHS Appraisal, pastoral support and Continuing Professional Development of all doctors within the organisation. General Responsibilities

➢ Take responsibility for the organisation achieving defined standards of postgraduate (and in some places undergraduate) medical education. ➢ Provide professional leadership and vision for the organisation on medical education issues ➢ Produce, implement and monitor a strategy for the...
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