Direct Marketing Plan

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The SKYwalker Express was established in 2009 as a local company specializes in courier services serving small businesses in both West and East Malaysia. It is well-known for its speedy and reliable delivery, coupled with extremely affordable price. In a very short period of time, the company already acquired regular customers of 600 companies nationwide with a monthly revenue of RM950,000. In addition, SKYwalker Express also serves walk-in customers with their 9 outlets strategically located in high-tensed population areas nationwide. On an average, the company serves approximately 500 unique walk-in customers with strong sign of growth, especially in Klang Valley. Recently, SKYwalker had just installed an integrated computer system with CRM functionality to better improve their customer database management.

SKYwalker Express undertakes the task of offering a variety of services which includes Express Services (Door to door delivery within 24 hours in serviceable areas in Peninsular Malaysia and 24-48 hours in East Malaysia serviceable areas); Scheduled Pick-up Services (Regular shipments to be collected on a schedule basis without having to call SKYwalker); Bulk Services (Door to door delivery of bulk and heavy shipments within Malaysia at economical rates) and Freight Services (Air, sea and road freight; customers brokerage; loose and intact cargo handling).

In view of the company’s rapid business growth for the past 3 years, there is a need to continue the momentum of business expansion. Thus, this marketing plan will outline the situational analysis, marketing initiatives with emphasis on database and telemarketing plus a proposal of a direct mail campaign to acquire new customers for SKYwalker Express.




• We are a local team of empowered people that connects business, markets and people in a sustainable way which continues to support businesses through the 21st century by providing express and logistics solutions that meet and exceed expectations through the organization’s pool of talents. Quality services can be realized through cultivating an effective and efficient supply chain involving our suppliers to customers. SKYwalker Express has the intention to expand its presence further throughout Asia Pacific by developing better services and other growth opportunities that may be obtainable with equal consideration to practice and abide by being corporate socially responsible and ethical.

• To be the premier total logistics provider locally and globally providing innovation in services with the state of the art technology. Our vision is to provide logistics needs and become customers’ preferred choice in Asia Pacific by 2020. We will strive to provide better services to our customers through continuous improvement. We will enhance our revenue and provide exemplary workplace for our employees. With quality services, our organization will be looked upon by our customers, employees, stakeholders and the community.

Core values
Our Core Values denote and represent the deeply held beliefs within SKYwalker Express. These timeless principles are intrinsic values, which are seen in all our employees through our day-to-day behaviour and attitude. We hold these values close to our hearts as these are the very values, which makes us SKYwalker Express. OBJECTIVES

▪ To leverage on direct marketing initiatives to help expand the business in order to grow a wider potential consumer base via :

✓ To maintain and build deeper relationship with current customers by understanding, analyzing and segmenting customer data to develop customized treatments through telemarketing and customers’ data base ✓ To increase customer brand preference toward SKYwalker Express by creating superior customer experience, thus to make SKYwalker Express top of mind...
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