Digital Music Piracy

Topics: File sharing, Copyright infringement, Anti-copyright Pages: 4 (1116 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Jose U. Santana

Digital Music Piracy

Every day people through out the world are downloading millions upon millions of digital music from the Internet illegally. Using a Peer-to-peer file-sharing program integrated in websites like and As having friends in the Music Industry, I do believe people should not break the copyright law and instead pay the music artists for their work. Although this ongoing issue is in a way hard to control, record label companies, Internet service providers, along with governments around the globe should associate more to carry out existing solutions that would end digital music piracy. In these Peer-to-peer file-sharing sites people would download and upload misappropriated digital media. Many people who take part in this type of exchange recognize this process as file sharing. However, under a court of law in the United States and other parts of the world is considered to be illegal distribution of media or copyright infringement. The file sharing process involves a hacker (or an individual who hacks into other computer systems) pirating digital music to then upload the media file into the Peer-to-peer file-sharing website. Where individuals who refuse to compensate the recording music artists and their record label company, would then download the digital music of desire into their computer.

Many music artists come from lower social status, which in most cases inspired them to work very hard in recording studios in hopes of someday waking up rich and famous. With corrupted individuals continuing to leak out their talented work of art for public enjoyment free of charge, their dreams might not be fulfilled. Just like a skilled carpenter gets compensated by individuals who hire him for his unique field of work, the same guideline should apply to talented music artists. Due to this ongoing dilemma in the music world and other entertainment industries, there is a decline in...

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