Digital Imaging, Animation, 3D Modeling

Topics: Computer graphics, 3D computer graphics, Film Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: March 17, 2014
Digital Imaging, Animation, 3D Modeling
The movie business has been profoundly affected by photo-realistic computer graphics effects. The movie Avatar presents a great example of the possibilities introduced by digital imaging. Humans enter a world called Pandora to scavenger for precious minerals at the cost of exterminating off the native bright blue colored humanoids. A persuasive world beyond what could ever be imaginable or re-produced in real life can be fully crafted for display on a screen. Movie production businesses now have more visual options, and thus more plot options. The entire story line can now be expanded in all dimensions, because of what can possibly be displayed. Transition from internal imagination to visual reality has been eased. Alternate universes have been brilliantly created in movies such as Suckerpunch and Inception that combine digital rendering with captured film shots and movies such as WALL-E and Spirited Away that are complete digital animation. The movie business now has to stay consistently up to date with computer graphics trends, techniques and equipment. 3D in the cinema and at home TV is an important, but not a necessarily lasting innovation, depending upon its context of use. The technological feat of a 3D screen is notable for inventors and future innovators, but the 3D trend among consumers has shown to have been decreasing these past few years. Where 3D effects in a movie can sometimes be found to be distracting or annoying, the next step of virtual reality undeniably further immerses the user within an experience. The jump from 2D to 3D also offers further options for producers and tastefully used, it can create a uniquely encapsulating experience. The use of 3D has also widely been used in theme parks such as Disney World. Aside for the actual movie, the adjustments also have to be made for the screening of the movie. Movie theatres and TV’s have to newly design 3D compatible technology and at the same time still...
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