Different Concepts Of Health

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Different Concepts Of Health
Sociological approaches to health:
W.H.O (world health organisation)
Models of health:
Negative concepts of health: This simply means being free from illness or diseases or being free from pain or discomfort, upset, tiredness, or anything else that might be a symptom of not being in good health.

Positive concepts of health: This is a type of person who is physically active and comparatively fit. This concept is said to be achieve by continuous effort, People with this belief take active steps to maintain their health.

Holistic: A holistic concept of health is considered the belief that being healthy means being without any physical disorders or diseases and being emotionally comfortable.

World health organisation: WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends.

Bio-medical: This is an approach to health and illness ‘that identifies illness as the absence of disease’ and focuses on curing individuals with specific illnesses. Socio-medical: this is an approach that focuses on both the social and environmental factors that tend to influence our health and well-being. This also includes the impact of poverty, poor housing and pollution. Ill health

The sick role (the clinical iceberg)

Illness: A subjective sensation of illness means feeling ill. People might feel ill when they have some disease symptoms; they might also feel ill when no symptoms are present. This term means ill health exists when people decide that they feel ill or describes them as being ill. Certain individuals that may be quite anxious or are very...
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