Difference in Casino Industries Between Las Vegas and Korea

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Difference in Casino Industries between Las Vegas and Korea

Executive Summary

This report discusses the details about identifying the background of the casino industries, distinguishing the differences between Las Vegas and Korea, providing difference in legal ages, restraints between two cities from both countries. Also, we have provided some recommendation to develop the Korean Casino industries to increase the tourism industries in its country.

Casino is part of the revenue to grow tourism in every country where it is legally admitted.  It involves more and more people in the gambling activities, and offers a variety of facilities such as accommodation, restaurants, shops and event in its installations.

We have discussed the differences between the Casino industries in Las Vegas, U.S and Kangwon, Korea.

Casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S have developed the casino industries as part of the Tourism industries, providing not only gambling to its visitors and locals, but also entertainment. It has caused a great and positive impact in the US economic, providing revenues from Tourism.

The government from Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S has not restrictions to locals, or foreigners to enter to the Casino installation as long as they are legal age.

However, in Korea the casino industries are not well-seen. The government is conservative and reluctant to allow locals to take part of the Casino’s activities.

It may cause a negative impact because this restriction is causing that Korean local gamblers chose to go to others Asians countries where they are allow to be part of the casino industries. The Kangwon Land Casino is the only casino that allows locals.

[Table of contents]
3.Scope or Limitation1
5.Thesis Statement1
a.Background of Casino industries1
b.Difference in circumstances near the Casino1
c.Difference in Legalization of Gambling: Which target is allowed to access to Casinos?1 II.Background of Casino industries1
III.Difference in circumstances between Las Vegas and Korea1 IV.Difference in Legalization of Gambling1
i.Casino Industries in Las Vegas1
ii.Casino Industries in Korea1
VII.Work cited1
VIII.Appendix A
IX.Appendix B

Current Casino industry is focus on total entertainment starting from Las Vegas to all over the World. It means that modern society has come to view gaming and Casinos as an acceptable form of adult entertainment. Some societies allow their citizens freedom in pursuing these activities. This report is going to focus on the difference in Casino industries related to tourism between Las Vegas and Kangwon.

The major objectives of this study are to
* explain the brief background of the Casino industries;
* distinguish the difference between Las Vegas and Kangwon; * classify restraints;
* Give some suggestions for developing Korean Casino.
Scope or Limitation
In this study we are not going to focus in any other countries, except Kangwon, Korea and Las Vegas, Nevada, United State and also, there will not be information about the different type of games in the Casino industries.

This study was completed during a month and half period in October and November 2011. In order to investigate about the Casino industries background, the report focuses in some text books and websites about Casinos industries in Las Vegas, USA and Kangwon, Korea. As well as, some researches are from statistics in both countries and diagrams which provide information about player losses and gambling revenue.

Thesis Statement
Background of Casino industries
Difference in circumstances between Las Vegas and Kangwon
Difference in Legalization of Gambling: Which target is allowed to access Casinos?

Background of Casino industries
Casino is a facility which...
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