Casinos in Ohio Persuasive Speech

Topics: Unemployment, Economics, Recession Pages: 5 (1305 words) Published: August 25, 2010
General Purpose: To persuade

Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to vote and allow for casinos to operate in Ohio.

Central Idea: To motivate citizens to re-evaluate the decision to allow for Casino operation in Ohio.

I. Introduction: With the recent economic downturn, building and operating Casinos in Ohio can be a solution.

A. Attention Material (focus attention on problem): The problem is Ohio, as with the rest of the United States, is in the midst of an economic downturn. What else are we basing Ohio’s economy on? Certainly not manufacturing, this is leaving us in droves thanks to the global economy. Apparently not education, as Ohio’s colleges and universities get increasingly expensive and drive young people to other states. Researchers found with 30 years of the Ohio Lottery, that no one has shown signs of excessive gambling practices.

B. Tie to Audience: I think you may all be in agreement that we are all here to further our education. Make more money right? Casinos could bring economic growth to Ohio in several ways; Create more jobs, bring people into Ohio to not only gamble, but to shop, or relocate, and the list can go on.

C. Credibility Material: According to NBC channel 4 (based out of downtown Columbus, Ohio), the casino would cost 600 million to develop and it would bring 5,000 new jobs in Ohio. It would generate $200 million in tax revenue for Ohio’s 88 counties. The group that proposed the casino in Clinton County has its eye on the, now vacant, 152,000 square foot City Center Mall with plans to revamp the once popular downtown retail space.

D. Thesis and Preview: In recent headlines, both state and city workers are being let go from their positions each week since the beginning of 2009. Several projects have been placed on hold, including the re-routing of the I-70/I-71 split, cut backs on winter weather road treatment, and closure of several central Ohio recreation centers. With the implementation of alternative tax revenue for the state, such as a casino, this could result in the restart of several Ohio projects. Just envision, opening day of the casino, the red-ribbon is cut, the media showing live footage of Ohio’s first casino; people are excited that at last an answer to Ohio’s struggling economy is nearing closure. Public transportation to and from downtown begins to hit numbers that haven’t been recorded in years. Hotel expansion projects are proposed as the growing number of out of town visitation increase, the need for more law enforcement, on-site security personnel, all of which are new jobs created in Ohio.

(Transition into Body of Speech)

II. Body

A. Main Point #1 -- NEED

1. (Statement of Need for Action): Allowing the development for a Casino in Ohio will help boost economic stimulation in Ohio.

a. (Description of Problem): The problem is the loss of jobs and limited opportunities in Ohio.

b. (Signs, Symptoms, Effects of Problem): Major corporations are both downsizing their organizations or leaving Ohio in search of a stronger economy. The elimination of jobs is sending in the need for State funded unemployment assistance in record numbers. Banking industry revenue is declining, due to the increase in mortgage defaults as a result of higher unemployment rates.

c. (Example, Narrative, or Testimony): The number of workers unemployed in Ohio in December was 465,000, up from 435,000 in November. The number of unemployed workers has increased by 118,000 in the past 12 months from 347,000. The December unemployment rate for Ohio was up from 5.8 percent in December 2007.

2. (Importance of the Problem): If we do not do something to change the economic hardships this can result in another depression.

a. (Extent of the problem): Poor economic decisions made by federal, state, and/or local government officials.


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