Difference Between Sequence Of Development And Rate

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Aspects of Development, Sequence and Rate.


As practitioners working with children, there is a great deal that must be known, it is important that there is an understanding of the different aspects of development and also a greater understanding between the sequence of development and rate of development and why the difference of the two is important. The physical growth and development growth of children underpins other aspects of their development, the two go hand in hand and it can often be difficult to separate one from another.

1) Aspects of development

The different aspects of development which are all very important are as follows:

Physical development is where children increase in all physical skills
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Eg when |feeding, needs to feel | |
| |Grasping, Startling, |mother. |hungry, tired or |calm and safe. | |
| |Walking, Standing. | |distressed. | | |
|1 Month |Less curled and less |Stops crying when |Starts cooing when |Starts smiling when | |
| |startled. |hears a familiar |happy. |asleep and awake. | |
| | |voice. | | |
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|letters. |some letters/sounds. |their behaviour more. | |
|7-9 Years |Drawing, cutting and |Can and will read a |Will hold a |Have stable friendships,|Will follow rules and |
| |writing is more |book to themselves |conversation with |will compare themselves |tell others when they |
| |accurate, more |silently, can solve |adults, have verbal |with others. |are braking them. |
| |energetic. |simple problems. |arguments, enjoys | | |
| | | |chatting and telling | | |
| | | |jokes. | | |
|9-11 Years |Excellent fine and gross|Good at problem |Great use of |Enjoys been given |Increased |
| |movement skills. Good |solving tasks, will |imagination within |responsibilities, has |thoughtfulness, aware

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