Difference Between Internal And External Quality In Teaching And Learning

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The definition of learning is to acquire something in terms of knowledge and teaching is to teach and share knowledge. Learning is defined as “any change in information, knowledge, understanding, attitudes, skills, or capabilities which can be retained and teaching is consequently done in order to bring about learning, and people do learn and acquire knowledge about specific subjects, and about how to use their knowledge (OECD, 1997d). All the activities of the teaching and learning in and out of the classroom of higher education institutions and the policies, strategies, plan and infrastructure both at system and institutional level to support these activities are called teaching and learning (HEC, 2002). A common definition of learning in...

Internal quality in teaching and learning refers to those policies and practices whereby academic institutions themselves monitor and improve the quality of their education provision, while external quality refers to supra-institutional policies and practices whereby the quality of higher education institutions and teaching and learning programs are assured. Individual universities have always possessed policies and practices designed to improve the quality of education, but academic institutions have also always operated within a national policy framework designed by the state to assure academic...

The student-centered learning approach has been argued to increase students’ active engagement in their learning processes and active participation in influencing their development. Additionally, the rationale of adopting the program could be understood in terms of quality in teaching goals. Especially with the present national ambitions, such as quality in teaching and learning in higher education is defined as ‘transformation’ whereby education provision should enable students to achieve the intended teaching and learning outcomes (Ministry of Education, 2011). The intended outcomes should be designed to meet the needs of the students and country. In this respect, the higher education policies have increasingly emphasized the quality of teachers and...
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