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Topics: Learning, Sequence learning, Psychology Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: August 18, 2014
When I first began this class my definition of learning was, to obtain information or learn more information on something you did or did not know. After taking this class my whole definition of learning has changed. Now I believe that learning is the ability to know yourself and your learning skills. When a person know what type of learner and thinker they are, it would be easier for them to be an intentional learner. I have learned there is more to learning then sitting behind a desk listening to a lecture or reading a textbook from an online class. Learning is about really getting involved with your assignment and utilizing your patterns to become a critical thinker. After taking my LCI assessment I learned that I am a dynamic learner. A dynamic learner is a learner who uses one to two learning patterns as a use first. I have two use fist patterns, precision (26) and technical reasoning (30). On my other patterns I scored used a needed for confluent (22) and avoid for sequence (16). I use all my learning patterns in different ways throughout my everyday life. When I am at work I use the learning pattern sequence. For example, my district manager gives me tasks to complete by the end of the week. Instead of over working myself, I break the task down in to parts. I will get my batches done today and maybe clean the office the next day. I make sure I get everything done in a timely order. Precision is the learning pattern I use at home. At home I have many chores that has to be done before my husband gets home from work. My husband gets off pretty late so I waist most of my time on social networks and talking on the phone. In the back of my mind I am thinking I have enough time to get everything done, but time flies by so fast that I never accomplish my goals before my husband get home. As for technical reasoning, I utilize that learning pattern at work too. I work in a furniture store, and sometimes I get bored during the day. I will go around the store trying...
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