Diet and Nutrition for Health And Sport

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Topics: Nutrition
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Nutrition = study components of food
Food choices has the ability to influence our genetics, weight, mental health, digestion, mood, sleep patterns, immunity, concentration and interaction.

Live to eat vs Eat to Live

Food art, celebrities chefs and books releasing home wear, tv channels
Embracing food in new ways

Health – state of being in absence of absence of disease – more holistic than this

Sleep, anger management,

Fight/Flight – Digestion doesn’t occur, thus blood is drawn away from the gut

Food In Australia
One of the worlds biggest producers
Export more than we import
2% is not grown in Australia, Fruit, Beg, meat, milk and eggs

Macronutrients Vs Micronutrients

Big components

Need less off
Trace elements

Food and nutrients supply our bodies with energy
Energy = Kilojoules + Calories
4.18 Kj to a Calories

Nutrient poor – lots of KJ but not a lot in the nutrients

Basic Anatomy
Starts mouth finishes in intestines
Involves enzymes specific to each nutrient
2-72 hours to complete
Bile – breakdown and emulsifies fats
Proteins – protesters
Villi Cells
Fats and proteins are the longest to break down

Sugar Molecules
Most basic form of energy used by the body
Complex vs Simple Carbohydrates
C = Polysomething and starch – often contain a lot of fibre
Why we use carbohydrates – insulin – pancreas
Krebs Cycle
Sources of Carbs: Grain, Cereals, starchy vegetables, legumes, fruit, dairy foods

Made up of Amino acids
Helps the body to grow or repair tissue
Needed in growth stages of life and maintenance of body stores is required
Protein molecules are found in muscles, organs, bones and skin
Two types – Animals, and Plants
Compete vs Incomplete
High quality and low quality of proteins
Bio availability how much we get out of it
Essential amino acids – one that we cant make ourselves

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