Diary Entries: Creative Responses to Clueless

Pages: 4 (1352 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Diary Entry 1
I could tell Tai’s grieving period would be considerable, unless I found someone to take Elton’s place right away. The next day in class a new guy named Christian came into my class and he was hot. Okay, okay I know I said I would find a guy for Tai, but I suppose there’s no harm in finding one for myself also. During the next few weeks I did what any normal girl would do. I sent myself love letters, flowers and candy. Just so he’d see how desired I was. Just in case he didn't already know. You also have to show a little skin. This makes them think of you naked which makes them think of sex. I invited Christian to a party and we danced all night long. Maybe too long. I could tell he was falling in love with me you know, like he even ignored every other girl that night. Diary Entry 2

Christian and I spend all of our time together. We even went shopping together, which was a plus because I wouldn’t have to find Tai or Dionne every time I had a fashion emergency. I would never be caught alone shopping. I mean could you imagine me, shopping alone? How embarrassing would that be right? Diary Entry 3

Even though I never pay that much attention to those beneath me, Travis the skateboarding pothead had been coming up in many conversations around me. I decided I would investigate the matter. So I asked Tai what everyone was doing. I mean they were talking about baloney head Travis! Tai told me that Travis won like some massive skateboarding competition and has like five sponsors now. She said that he is practically famous. What is wrong with people these days? Thinking that skateboarding is a great enough skill to make a person become famous. Please, I could do better things in my sleep. Diary Entry 4

It’s been four weeks since I found out about Travis and his new found fame and to be perfectly honest I thought it was going to be his fifteen minutes of fame but that’s not how it has turned out. Everyone has been talking about him and almost all the...
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