Diabetic Foot Research Paper

Topics: Diabetes mellitus, Obesity, Insulin, Diabetes, Blood sugar, Diabetes mellitus type 2 / Pages: 1 (208 words) / Published: Aug 2nd, 2016
It believed that every 30 seconds a lower limb is lost somewhere in the world as a consequences of diabetes.(Jinada,C.et all 2009). In Tanzania 1% of population is said to have diabetic foot, and it estimated that over 27 percent of deaths among diabetic patients are attributed to diabetic foot (IDF, 2006) ignorance, life style changes, low socioeconomic status are mentioned to be main cause of diabetic foot (Smide, 2000).Now days the level of interest and knowledge on diabetic foot ulcers has developed much enough and evidenced base clinical practice has improved in treatment and prevention of diabetic foot. Although there is many difficult in implementation of foot care in patients which involves both health care professional and patients

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