Big Foot Research Paper

Topics: Human, Dinosaur, Paleontology, United States, Alaska, Bigfoot / Pages: 5 (1125 words) / Published: Dec 17th, 2015
Big Foot: Our Greatest Mystery Cryptids and mythical creatures have peaked human interest since the beginning of recorded time, big foot is our greatest, most relevant mystery. People have begun to see big foot before the media had brought it to life. Most sightings occur in isolated woodland areas, which is perfect big foot habitat. Sightings have occurred in places such as Canada, Hawaii, Colorado, New Mexico, and even Russia. As for what big foot is; science and tradition have two different theories. “Science categorizes Big Foot as an intelligent unidentified primate or Neanderthal” (Krantz). Traditionally Native Americans believe big foot is an ancient shape shifter or skin walker. Legends of big foot in New Mexico say he and many other …show more content…
To the Native Americans big foot is a brother of ours. Scientifically he is an unrecorded primate species in the world known as a cryptid. A cryptid is defined as “a creature unknown to science” (Shea). The first incidents, unrecorded, are said to have begun with Native Americans. The natives describe big foot as”…generally shy and benign figures…they may take things that don’t belong to them…but they do not harm people and may even come to aide” (Native Languages of the Americas). Most sightings occurred in the 18th or 19th century leaving room for legends to …show more content…
The places that do have legends of Big Foot include: Canada, Nepal, Australia, and Indonesia. Some examples of these legends are found in Australia, and Indonesia. In Australia the Big Foot is known as the “Wild Man from down under” or “Yowie.” In Indonesia it is known as “orang-perdek” (Radford) but in English, “little-man.” A more specific legend comes from a Christian based idea. It is said that god disliked Big Foot because his DNA was not pure. Genetic manipulation of any kind is not tolerable in the Christian faith. Big Foot was said to be a hybrid of some kind, therefore god banished him. Big Foot was “…driven forth from among men, to dwell in cliffs of the valleys…” (Cahuft). All of these religions are what made the legend of big foot come alive, even in our homeland of New

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