Topics: Speed, Stop sign, Miles per hour Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: March 16, 2015
Eduardo Navarrete
Bonnie Rosecliffe
English 49 MW
My Life Going Downhill
I’m looking down a steep long hill paved with black concrete. I start kicking at it from on top of my long board skate deck to gain momentum going forward. There is no need to push because gravity is all that I need to get going but with the need for speed attitude I can’t help but want to go faster. I give one last tug at my helmet to make sure it’s on tight before I go into my tuck because one mistake without the proper safety equipment at the speeds I’m about to encounter can cause me my brain. I bend my knees and crouch close to my board. I hide my back leg behind my front one by tucking in my knee behind the other so that aerodynamics can help me go faster. I lean forward in front of the board and keep my arms behind me. The speed and gravity somehow help me lean far in front of the board so far out that without going that fast I would fall flat on my face. I start to pick up some real speed and the imaginary speedometer in my head just starts to race higher and higher. As I’m hitting top speeds my eyes start to water from the wind hitting my face. The trees start to fly by my peripheral vision, along with light posts and yes dangerously enough sometimes even stop signs. I look down at my board to make sure my feet are placed right and can see the concrete flowing under me. At this speed the ground looks like static on a television because of all the dust and rocks. I look back and see a motorcycle speeding towards me down the hill. He catches up and stays at my speed, signaling me that I’m going forty five miles per hour. I wonder if he’s having as much fun as I am riding his motorcycle at the same speeds while only grabbing on by one hand. I wonder if his adrenaline rush is half as good as mine. There is a stop sign ahead and he slows down. I stare at him because I know what I’m about to do is going to take him by surprise. I stand up from my speed tuck and...
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