United Parcel Service (UPS)

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United Parcel Service (UPS) is very involved within the communities in which the company operates, and promotes the importance of volunteerism and philanthropy. UPS fosters a persona of being more than another company that is known for just delivering packages. The company has launched several different programs to help the communities not only where the company operates but also where employees and their families live. The company promotes the importance of community volunteerism by having employees and their families being heavily involved in the fostering of their communities. UPS’s environmental factors include, but not limited to alternative fuel truck fleets, fuel-efficient planes, “Green” certified facilities
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According to the UPS Foundation (2012), “The UPS Foundation has invested $150,000 towards Canadian forest conservation as part of a total $675,000 commitment to global reforestation and climate change initiatives” (p. 12). UPS pushes for teenagers to learn and adopt safe driving techniques. According to the UPS Foundation (2012), the safe driving initiative is achieved through four classroom instruction sessions, and driving time in a virtual driving simulator. “To date, the program has reached young people in Canada through Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada, UK through UK Youth, Germany through Johanniter-Unfall Hilfe C.V., with plans in 2013 to expand to China through Hands On Shanghai” (p. …show more content…
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