Developments in the Last Century

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Developments In The Last Century
Brenda Steger
Hum/186 Media Influences On American Culture
June 8, 2013
Dr. Victoria Yancey

Developments In The Last Century

In detail this paper will show how the media played an important role in the culture today. It will answer the questions What were the major developments in the evolution of mass media in the last century? It will also ask How did each development influence American culture? And What is ment by the term media convergence and how it affected everyday life?

How we conceive mass media comes in different ways such as: television (24 -hour news channels,) (hoarders to fashion models,) (music videos, nature documentaries, and reality shows). With videos on demand provided by the local cable company plus online streaming or down loading. Media literacy on one hand, is the growth of the internet as the primary information source exposes the public to increased levels of text, thereby increasing the level of literacy.

What were the major developments in the evolution of mass media in the last century?
The three major developments in the last century were (print, electrical, and digital). In terms of print media books are durable and contain a large amount of information. Books are expensive to produce. As for newspapers they are cheaper and can be made quickly. In the 1800 hundreds the newspaper faced a new threat called penny press. These papers were cheaper than the regular newspapers. The penny press also printed more of murder and scandal rather than of the political news of the day.

Another form of mass media is the radio. Radio was not that expensive less than television and more available. Radio gave the people the opportunity to listen to a live event at the same time. Specifically the radio was made for advertising. Radio accessed a large audience. Radio also made listening in the privacy of one's own home to be pleasure seeking and curious. With radio one can listen...

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