Developmental Psychology

Topics: Developmental psychology, Human, Ecological Systems Theory Pages: 5 (1851 words) Published: October 20, 2010
My own development during my 18 and a half years of being alive, relates to the theory of human development created by Urie Bronfenbrenner. Bronfenbrenner's theory of human development is also known as the PPCT model. The PPCT model has four interrelated components, which are Process, Person, Context and Time. Bronfenbrenner (2005). These are the proximal processes that make up the characterisitics of a child, the stimulation of a child's development and the time in which a child matures and develops. In this essay I will use the PPCT system to epxain the five systems which are the Microsystem, Mesosystem, Exosystem, Macrosystem and Chronosystem as well as explaning the components. I will also clearly indicate my development using these interrelating systems. I will then sum up and conclude my essay by what I have found as a result of his theory. Bronfenbrenner (2005) said it is the “phenomenon of biophysical characterisitics of human beings both as individuals and as groups. The phenomenon extends over the life course across successive generations and through historical time, both past and present”.

In Bronfenbrenner's PPCT system, the first component acknowledged is a person. In a person's adolescent years the characterisitics of that individual are made from the development that occurred at an early age. I was lucky enough to grow up in a world where I was physically capable of doing whatever I wanted to achieve, whether it be a sporting, socialising or academic activity. Different people have different qualities and characterisitics that enable them to do different activities. Some people may be at a disadvantage if they have a physical disability as they are incapable of preforming the activity In the same way as others. An example of my experience as a child growing up, is that I had rashes on my legs from various reactions. This made me feel self conscious and I gave up activities like swimming with friends and family because of these rashes. I did this because I thought that I would get judged by the way I looked even though the people around me were not bothered. It affected me as I gave up something I loved because of the way I thought people would treat me.

The second component in Bronfenbrenner's theory in human development is proximal processes. Proximal processes are fundamentally the process, in which a person is involved in, that advances the development of human beings. “Examples of enduring patterns of proximal processes are found in parent-child and child-child activities, group or solitary play reading, learning new skills studying, athletic activities and preforming complex tasks” (Bronfenbrenner 1999,p.5). When I was a child, my mother always tried to get me to participate in different sporting events and activities that would help me to socialise and be active. Athletics was one activity that I found very challenging. My mother insisted that I would get better if I continued to participate. As I learnt step by step the right methods to preform long jump, I began to grow with confidence. I proceeded to keep practising and kept attending the sessions through school which improved my athletic ability. From this, began something that I enjoyed doing.

The third component recognised in Bronfenbrenner's PPCT system is context. Context is the environmental features and surroundings that can nurture their personal development. An example of this from my childhood is that I grew up in a family which supported me, but also let me understand the true meaning of working hard. I never received anything that I didn't work hard for. This environment helped me later in life as money is a big problem in today's society. It can cause many problems and, with my background knowledge, I believe I would be able to find a way around them. Under the heading of context are different environments in which development occurs. Bronfenbrenner calls these 'systems'. The five systems that are used are the Microsystem,...
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