Development of a Multinational Personnel System

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ComInTec AG & Co. is a worldwide leading industrial company that has administration, plants, and sales offices in various regions across the globe, mainly Central, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia-Pacific region (APAC), North America, Central and South America. In 2006 they had 23,000 employees worldwide and gross revenue of 5.8 billion Euros in sales. They had recovered well from the worldwide crisis (recession) that had earlier forced the company to opt for downsizing procedures between 2003 and 2006, resulting in the cut of 900 jobs worldwide. The global headquarter of the company is situated in Munich, Germany. Each region had its own headquarter which reports to the global headquarter in Germany. The headquarter for the APAC region is in Hong Kong.

Current Situation
ComInTec, is in the process of global restructuring, and as a result, requires 25 middle management positions to be filled in the APAC region. Few of these positions included Regional head of Purchasing, National CEOs, National head of Finance and Accounting etc. among other various positions. This requires a new ‘Personnel Selection System’ to be developed. The responsibility of designing of this Personnel Selection System, and its implementation has been handed to the HR ‘Project Team’ in APAC headquarter. In addition, the Project team is required to keep in mind the Company’s in-house global localization policy, which states that 90% of the new management positions were to be filled by individuals originating from the country they would be working in. Furthermore, the salaries were to be designed based on the country/location, with the annual salary for the managers to range in between €40,000 and €150,000. The objective of internally having to design and implement a new Personnel Selection System was part of the Company’s long-term plan to standardize all HR instruments for selection purposes across the globe. The affected areas due to the restructuring involves sales and marketing, supply chain management, purchasing, and finance and accounting in multiple regions that includes Hong Kong, Kuala Lampur, Bangkok, Jakarta, Melbourne, Sydney and Shanghai.

ComInTec Personnel
Name: Dr. Thomas Koch
Designation: HR Director
Nationality: German
Brief Description: Dr. Koch, 48 years old, worked for 17 years in HR in the companies head office in Munich. For the past 3 years, he has been working in Hong Kong as the HR director for APAC. he is a determined and a hard-working individual. His skill set includes networking, adaptability, and the knack of being at the right place at the right time. During the recession period between 2003 and 2006, he had to make all the decisions regarding cutbacks, which he managed to do both efficiently and gracefully. His downsizing methods were very effective, considering the fact that he had warned his superiors about legal cases prior to the cutbacks, and kept in mind the employee satisfaction and appreciation through gifts and compensation packages.

Name: Mr. Peter Koenig
Designation: Owner, ComInTec
Nationality: German
Brief Description: Mr. Koeing is a successful businessman, and an authoritative leader who is shrewd in decision making. He is also a very control-oriented individual, someone who believes in, and desires, endless loyalty, endurance, and assertiveness. Mr. Koenig has a habit of using pressure tactics to generate results without caring much about the problem. As part of his control procedures, he also is known to deploy ‘spies’ in order to keep a track of the company’s functionality. Name: Ms. Yue Yu

Designation: HR employee
Nationality: Chinese
Brief Description: Member of the project team as an HR employee. She portrays many characteristics common to high power distance cultures, which often surface more around her German colleagues. Name: Mr. Andreas Mueller...
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