Development of an Advertising Campaign for Mcdonald's

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Whenever we see the newspaper or magazine, turn on the Television, or see the poster on building, we are confronted with advertisement. The commercial advertising is everywhere in our life. Advertising adopts a variety of appeals to cause customers’ cognition for the brand such as emotional appeals. (Vestergaard&Schroder, 1985) Therefore, excellent advertising campaigns will deeply strong the influence of product or brand in consumer’s mind. Finally, it can increase the sales of product and take the expected market share. In this essay, it will develop an advertising campaign for McDonald’s. In the first part, it will give a brief description of the McDonald’s and its products, target audience. The second part will display message objective. The third part will do a specific media selection. The fourth part will advance a creative strategy, and then in the fifth part I will evaluate the effectiveness of this strategy. At the end, a conclusion will be given.

About McDonald’s
McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast food shop chains. The business of McDonald’s began in 1940, opened by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald in San Bernardino, California. The previous mascot of McDonald’s was a chief whose name was ‘Speedee’. In 1963, he was replaced with Ronald McDonald. Today, ‘McDonald’s is the leading global foodservice retailer with more than 31,000 native restaurants serving more than 58 million people in 118 countries each day. More than 75% of McDonald's restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local men and women.’ (McDonald’s official website) McDonald’s is like a myth for restaurant industry. This fast-food kingdom mainly operates by hamburgers, sales of hamburgers more than 200 million one day. The annual revenues can arrived at 15 billion US dollars. All of the McDonald’s restaurants are hung in dazzling golden yellow double-arched M signboard. The management standards of McDonald’s have three letters, ‘Q. S. C’, which means quality, service and cleanness. (Wikipedia, 2009) Main Productions

McDonald’s mainly sales hamburgers, also supply various food types such as sandwiches, chicken nuggets, chips, soft drinks and desserts. Consider about the differentiation of diet and culture, McDonald’s adopts Production Differentiation Strategy to sales their products in worldwide. In most markers, McDonald’s offers salads and vegetables for vegetarian. Portugal is the only country serving soup. In India, because of the religious taboos, beef was eliminated in the menu.

Target Audience
In order to creative an effective advertising campaign, it is significant to know who your target audience is. The components of target audience include people who make the purchase decision, who influence the purchase decision and end-user. As a fast-food shop, the target audience of McDonald’s is face on every people. Actually, basic on research, the main consume group of McDonald’ is made up of children and their parents. The children affect their parents to buy food in McDonald’s. Therefore, advertising message should direct toward the children, as well as their parents. The McDonald’s gives people a fashionable image, thus younger people are also the large consume group. At the same time, with the development of the times, more people own cars, as a result of a great amount of work, they do not have extra time to sit in the restaurant for dinner. Therefore, the drive-through service is required more strong than before. This is the reasons why McDonald's to build a lot of drive-through service. Thus, another important target audience is people who own cars.

Message Objectives
The message objectives must try to deliver a signal to consumers. The consumer have to know why they need by the products, how this product beneficial or advantageous for them, what is the difference compare with other similar products and so on. In order to offers the best answers of these questions, we must understand the...
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