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ASSIGNMENT – 3rd December 2012

I had chosen to export a new French product to Greece. The product is a cocktail, which came to life in Saint Tropez in the South of France. This sparkling wine cocktail is mainly based upon a rosé wine, mixed up with a flower of peach and carbonated water. The modern style bottle containing a refreshing drink, with an amazing touches of fruits flavours to embellish your senses. Ice Tropez is probably an interesting product for Greek consumers because the weather is very hot 80% per cent of the year. Moreover, there are lots of place in Athens where it’s possible to sell this product because Greek consumers go out every weekend.

Ice Tropez is a new product in France because Gregoire Chaix, the Bar du Port’s owner in Saint Tropez, created it 6 years a go.
Greece is a good country to sell Ice Tropez. In fact, the economic crisis is very hard in Greece but people continue to live as usual. There are lots of French people in Athens and this kind of product is very interesting for this new market. Wine is an important part of Greek culture for over 4000 years. The ancient Greeks already knew the nutritional value of wine, which was part of their daily diet. Today, Greece is a producer of wines of limited size, but the market is changing.


French is the fourth importer of Greece just after Germany (1st), Italy (2nd) and China (3rd). Ice Tropez is a French brand and marketing / packaging is very important to sell lots of bottles.
Product is a cocktail created in Saint Tropez, with wine and natural white peach flavouring. Slightly sweet and sparkling, fresh and to be consumed without moderation, 6.5° of alcohol. A bottle signed exclusively by Christophe Pillet. There is also Ice Tropez light with 0% alcohol.

Packaging of Ice Tropez is very interesting because its look like a bottle of wine, and also a soda with a cap like a beer or sodas.
Ice Tropez. 6,5% alcohol. 27,5 cl
Ice Tropez Light. 0% alcohol. 27,5 cl

Just after its introduction in France, ice Tropez became a very famous brand and they are more and more consumers. After enjoying the notoriety of Saint Tropez, Gregoire Chaix has developed its product all over France. Today, it is an essential product and the success is there. Ice Tropez is currently available in several countries, such as Italy, South Africa, the U.S., etc ... Ice Tropez is a perfect summer product.

It is ideal for a dinner with friends or organizes an event in company; Ice Tropez is a drink that can be drunk alone or to share with friends.
In this project, we are going to present you, our company and our best product; Ice Tropez. After, we had analysed French and Greek market to understand our development and why we had chosen Greece. Finally, the last part is about our development in Greece, to know if it’s a good idea or not, with a marketing analysis where there is a STP, marketing-mix and a SWOT analysis.

 Gregoire Chaix: Founder and CEO Ice Tropez
This is an interview of Gregoire Chaix, founder and Ice Tropez CEO, who explains his history, his job, and presents his wine domain in South of France. Ice Tropez is produced in this company, in Saint Tropez.

“Domain Tropez is the result of a dream. That of wine, which is challenging and traditional, inherited from my grandfather. That is how Domain Tropez was born, a tribute to his memory. To build a modern vineyard in which to achieve the highest of standards, the challenge is perhaps rather presumptuous. During the Domains first 20 years, through hard work and unwavering conviction, Domain Tropez has achieved awards, indicating that value is not only gained over a length of time. Showing that the tradition of French wine has not yet been exhausted, still capable of modernization, richness and pleasure. Proof that one can be efficient in being respectful to the land and the environment. Domain Tropez has a heart and the...
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