Development and Evaluation of Gallery Structure

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This chapter presents the background of the study, the statement of the problem, the significance of the study, the scope and delimitation.

Background of the study

In creating a research paper it is very important to have a background of the study which includes the main reason why do it is a need to study the topic of a researcher. Since the ICCT (Institute of Creative Computer Technology) Website established it is lack of information to answer the questions of the students, it is not also updating the current events of the school and it is not also giving importance to the Facilities of the School so that the other person can notice the different features of the ICCT’ Colleges. The researcher’s enhance this web site to satisfy the needs of the students, faculties, staff and for the upcoming Freshmen Students.

Statement of the problem

This thesis seeks to determine the feasibility of developing and managing the gallery structure of ICCT website.
On the technical aspect, the researcher sought to establish answers to the Following questions:
1. What project management scheme is proposed for the gallery structure? 2. Does the proposed project possess the accessibility of the student? 3. What design methods are proposed for the project?

4. What development plan is proposed for the project?

Significance of the studies

This study is significant because of the benefits it could offer to the following groups:
General – The website is one of the public faces of the school and it is the one which have most control over. As well as the direct school community there are a wide range of groups of people, who want to know more about the school, including feeder schools, authority, alumni, local residents, community organizations and businesses. For many of those groups, their only source of information will be your website. It is the only chance that will get to present the school’s vision, to communicate the events and achievements within the school, provide further contact details, and raise the school’s profile and reputation within these groups. It can help to raise revenue, for example through publicizing the hire of facilities or promoting fundraising activities and events to people outside the school community. The website is also a great way to embrace the school’s past, present and future, bringing it together in a coherent narrative. ICCT Staff - A key aim of the website should be to reduce the number of routine enquiries the school receives. Whenever there are common questions being asked, check that the information is available online and can be found easily. If parents and students have the right information at the right time, there will be fewer telephone calls or visits for staff to handle, which will allow for a greater focus on those contacts that do require personal attention. It is also a great way for the senior leadership team to manage problems effectively, by being in control of the authoritative source of information, which can prevent rumors and gossip filling an information vacuum. Staff can share resources with parents and resources by making documents available online. ICCT Students - The website is a great way to recognize the achievements of students. Because there is no real limit on space, there is no need to only celebrate the most newsworthy feats – get the whole school community involved by marking successes large and small. It also provides a learning experience platform. Students can become involved in the creation of content and they can develop their ICT skills in a meaningful context. Work by students which isn’t ICT-related can also be published online, as it showcases what the school is doing and highlights the level of work the students are producing, for example create a gallery online of art students work or video clips of the entries in the school’s music competition. Parents – The website can help keep parents informed about...
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