website research

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Website Research

For this web authoring assignment we are to find 6 relevant sites on the web. Then choose 3 of the websites that I have found to talk about in detail under the following headings.
Ease of Use
Other Considerations

Name of The Site

Sally’s Salon Services

Eclips Hair Salon

Bella Hair & Beauty

GHD Hair

Peter Marks

Allure Hair Salon

Sally’s Salon Services
Sally’s Salon Services

What I Like about this website is the drop down menu on the navigation bar and I hope to implement this into my own website.

The Design –
Here I will look at this site’s design under the following design headings- Contrast
Contrast –
This site has great contrast with the black background and the white background behind the products which gives great contrast as well as the hot pink logo and special offers being put in the pink which really stand out from the background.

Repetition –
This site has very good repetition as you navigate through the site the background, header, footer, logo, colour scheme and type all stay the same which is very important as well as the navigation bar stays in the same place throughout the whole website this is essential for a website so that the user knows where to go no matter what page you are on, your navigation bar should not change throughout the site unless your design implements that. There is also repetition between all the pages with the images having the same background and in the same positions this lets the user know that they are images to do with this site where as if a image dramatically changes some users might not know whether or not that’s for the site or not.

Alignment –
The alignment for this site is great the text in the footer and content are aligned great, it isn’t all over the place it keeps its left alignment throughput most of the site. The images are aligned well they are the same sizes mostly and are aligned beside each other and are done nicely.

Proximity –
The proximity is also great in this site, the images that are related to each other are grouped together and the ones that aren’t related are on different pages or further apart to show there lack of relationship this makes the site easy for the user to use already as they won’t get confused as to what is suppose to be related and what isn’t suppose to be related.

The Navigation –
Here I will look at how easy the site is to navigate through, I’ll explain the navigation system, what the navigation consists of and is it consistent.

This site is easy to navigate through it as a simple navigation bar just above the content of the page and is consistent through all the pages; it’s in the same place, same typography and same colour the only colour that changes is the page that you are currently on has a different colour than the rest of the buttons on the navigation bar. The nav bar is designed so that it is very easy to use for the users they know where to go it’s easy to find and its consistent. The navigation system on this site is good and I hope to implement a similar one on my site, the nav bar is at the top of the page and has several links on it and within them buttons there comes a drop down menu from each link with several more pages under different heading which is what makes this site easy to navigate through and is a very organized site.

Ease of Use –
As we have seen this website has good design and is simple to navigate through and the images are good and clear. The header and footer of the page include other links like the about so that it’s not in the way but its easy to...
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