Developing a Barometer for Workplace Attitude (Wpa)

Topics: Measurement, Decision making, Decision theory Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: October 15, 2008
Developing a Barometer for Workplace Attitude (WPA)
How can attitude in the workplace be measured to impact positive change?
Ray M. Valadez, EdD
The role of attitude and its importance in decision-making are becoming more apparent to the business leader/practitioner. He/she knows that the right attitude can provide tremendous financial gains, along with the catalyst for the development of a learning organization, and will result in the thinking, feelings, and actions of a positive business environment. However, the perceived power of measuring workplace attitude has not as yet been realized because it needs to be packaged in a measurable format that is acceptable to business practitioners.

Getting a Finger on the Pulse

Reader’s Review of the above mentioned Article.

To start with I would want to express my appreciation for the author’s endeavor and efforts in formulating a tool that could measure work place attitude of workers. Indeed if WPA could be objectively measured, it would contribute enormously towards an organization and even a leader’s growth or success.

The overall results reflecting in form of facts and figures for the test conducted with 125 students (sample) on three processes viz. systems, operations and people are promising, however the result -85% WPA would gain more valid grounds once as the author says that the studies going on presently should validates the fact that WPA of a composite 50% and the above signifies positive work place attitude.

The author’s total article is based upon designing a tool that will measure WPA. The components are the use of questionnaires based on Likert scale as in cited example a scale of seven choices ranging from ‘strongly agree’ to ‘strongly disagree’, which is fine however all this is used for questions based on expectation and experience match which to me is a better index to measure job satisfaction than WPA and one thing is for sure that job satisfaction and WPA are not...
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