Gestalt Psychology

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Multiple Choice Questions

1. The term “psyche” when translated from the Greek is most closely associated with the term A) habit.
B) life.
C) study.
D) mind.

2.The essential difference between behavior and mental processes is
A) complexity.
B) observability.
C) controllability.
D) ease of description.

3.Why is psychology a science?
A) It attempts to separate the elements of the mind.
B) It uses rigorous methods of observation.
C) It has more than one research method.
D) It uses thought to achieve understanding.

4.Which of the following is a key term in the definition of psychology?
A) behavior
B) habit
C) introspection
D) induction

5.Strictly speaking, overt behaviors are actions that
A) are usually considered illegal.
B) happen when no one else is around.
C) you can directly observe.
D) you can infer from careful observation.

6.What does psychology have in common with all other sciences?
A) It is based on Plato's methods.
B) It offers proof of theoretical truths.
C) It uses rigorous methods of observation.
D) It directly measures thought processes.

7.Which goal of psychology are clinical psychologists attempting when giving recommendations to parole boards about which prisoners to release early?
A) prediction
B) description
C) influencing
D) understanding

8. Industrial psychologists who design tests to screen new job candidates for various companies in order to hire workers who should perform best are attempting which goal?
A) prediction
B) description
C) influencing
D) understanding

9. What goal of psychology would be used in training new employees to do a job?
A) prediction
B) description
C) influencing
D) understanding

10. Workers are surveyed about their years of experience and level of job satisfaction. The goal of psychology best illustrated by this survey is
A) description.
B) prediction.
C) understanding.
D) influencing.

11. In psychology, the words describe, predict, understand, and influence relate to
A) descriptive methods.
B) correlational methods.
C) areas of psychology.
D) the goals of psychology.

12. A psychologist is developing a theoretical explanation about a behavior. To which goal of psychology are theoretical explanations important?
A) control
B) prediction
C) understanding
D) description

13. If you were using a survey to gather information about people, which goal of psychology would you be attempting?
A) description
B) understanding
C) influencing
D) prediction

14. Which of the following is an example of a psychologist's attempt to influence behavior?
A) conducting an experiment to determine whether viewing pornography leads to a desire to rape
B) determining whether a job applicant is likely to perform well on the job
C) designing a strategy for high schools that reduces the number of dropouts
D) conducting a study to determine whether men really are more violent than women

15. To say that a theory is tentative means that
A) it has the support of animal research but not human research.
B) it has been proven in study after study.
C) it is what we believe right now, but it could change.
D) it has the support of human research but not animal research.

16. Casino operators hire a social psychologist who decides to place the slot machines that pay off most often in the places of highest visibility in the casino. Their goal is to
A) influence
B) understand
C) predict
D) describe

17. The beginning of psychology as a science began in the discipline of A) philosophy.
B) physics.
C) chemistry.
D) biology.

18. Of the following experimental situations, which would most likely be conducted by a structuralist?
A) documenting subjects' descriptions of an experience
B) asking subjects to remember a list of words
C) testing rats in a maze to see how...
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