developing yourself as an effective hr practitioner

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Developing Yourself As An Effective HR Practitioner

Activity 1

I am doing this HR course to further my career at work. I am supervisor.

I am involved in HR in my job, as we do not have an HR department. I work with my Manager at present to help conduct annual appraisals, disciplinary procedures and inductions. I have also been involved with redundancies.

We are a medium sized company, which has expanded since I joined in 2000 but as we are growing we feel the need to have 1 person to take on the HR role so that all staff have someone official that they can go to with any problems that they may have.

HRPM: this is an easy to use table containing behaviours, professional areas and bands of competence. It allows users to assess their capability in the HR role they have chosen - whether it is general or specialist.

The two core professional areas are insights, strategies & solutions and leading HR.

As an example of insights in my role at work there are quite a few members of staff who are nearing retirement age and will retire within around two years of each other so we will be losing all the experience and knowledge that they bring to their roles within the business whether that be manufacturing cables or within our quality assurance department, So I have suggested that we employ younger people who we can train working closely with these people so that their knowledge can be passed on. This has been proven to work as we have two members of staff who joined us around 6 years ago straight from school and are some of our best operators as we have trained them in the way we work.

The core of the map is about developing an understanding of the organisation that the user is working in, clerk of the works, contracts manager, and architect.

Performance and reward - this allows individuals within a work place to use their own skills, behaviours and experience by using a reward scheme such as bonuses.

Learning and Development: Build individual and organisational capability and knowledge to meet current requirements – in many industries it is necessary to train an re-train employees as companies become more diverse to keep up with competitors for example, at my place of work we are starting to build completely different types of cable harnesses to what we would have been building one year ago so there is a lot of re-training required for all shop floor staff.

Band 1 of the HRPM is most essential in the company I work for, as it is customer orientated.

When I am doing the HR role full time my main customers will be shop floor staff although I will be working for others such as Engineers, Our Receptionist and the Managing Director.

There are 8 behaviours on the HRPM.

This person is open minded and focused on the future of the business they are in, inquisitive and is always thinking of ways to add to their organisation, focused on the future of the business they are in and is always thinking of ways to add value to their organisation.

Decisive Thinker:
This person takes in data and information and is a fast learner. They use the information they receive in a structured way to identify options and make recommendations.

Skilled Influencer:
This person can influence stakeholders to gain commitment and support within the company/industry they work within.

Personally Credible:
This person uses professionalism to bring value to the whole company they work in including stakeholders and peers.

This person works very well with other people within and outside of work.

Driven To Deliver:
This person is determined and resourceful and uses these skills to deliver the best results for their company.

Courage To Challenge:
This person will speak up for what they believe in even if confontated with resistance and unfamiliar circumstances.

Role Model:
This person always leads by example, has integrity and independence and balances personal...
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