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Topics: Rooms, Ceilings, Light Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The interior to be designed is a medical group suite with modern contemporary as its concept. Fundamentally, simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture and clean lines help to define s the contemporary style. Interiors showcase space rather than things. By focusing on color, space, and shape, contemporary interiors are sleek and fresh. The wall is painted Satin White for a clean and unifying look. Rubber flooring was used for reasons: has good resistance to chemicals, excellent dimensional stability in all temperatures, has a self-healing capacity, has footfall sound absorption with special acoustic properties, & fire-retardant. As for the acoustic privacy of the exam rooms and consulting offices, fiber glass insulation, dropped ceiling and carpets was used. Health wise, the paints are of course lead free, environmentally friendly and emits less pollutants into the air. Pin lights were used at the lobby and hallway, it is the practical way of using light is to use a fixtures that are less maintain and doesn't occupy huge spaces and recessed fluorescent were used at the exam room, workroom, playroom for the direct lighting especially in the working area. The ceilings were used is the gypsum board and hardiflex for the hallway and dropped ceiling for the offices and rooms.

Since distance and efficient patient flow is vital, the reception room is the first area that can be seen by the patients, to accommodate normal visitors traffic. Beside the reception office is the workroom since it is required to be in a one space together with the reception or at least adjacent to each other. Nurse’s station is at the center so that it can easily access to four exam rooms. Exam rooms are facing to each other and beside the exam room is the counsulting room that are near to windows. Storage closet, workroom and nurse’s station are near to each other for easy accessible purposes, playroom and powder room were near at the waiting area. The efficiency of the space makes...
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