Design And Realization Of Network Oriented Library Management System LMS

Topics: Computer network, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Pages: 4 (2149 words) Published: April 22, 2015
2012 IEEE Symposium on Robotics and Applications(ISRA)

Design and Realization of Network-oriented Library Management System (LMS) Junyi Hou

Ziqiang Zhu, Jing Zong

Xuzhou air force college
Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

Xuzhou Air Force College
Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

AbstractȄThe design of information center library
management system (LMS) database and the realization
process of system functions are introduced. The system is
network library management system operated on the company
backbone network and it consists of eight subsystems of book cataloging, book acquisitioning, book circulation, periodical management, standard management, data management,
system maintenance and Web query. The technology mode
combined the Client/Server with the Browser/Server is
adopted, through which functions of computer network
management and Web query of books and reference materials
are realized.

improve modernized management level of library
information and realize information resource sharing.
System Construction Goals are follows:
a. Establishing library information network
Computer networking for books, periodicals, materials
and standard partial works by establishing information
network station with the aid of campus backbone network to
provide company backbone network users with information
b. Standardizing management mode of books and
reference materials
Replacing previous manual work and qualitative
management mode with computer management to obtain
management mode standardization of books and reference
materials, form normalization of machine-readable data and
scientificalization of management decision making.
c. Establishing standard bibliographic database and
document database
Cataloguing based on standard bibliographic data to
establish bibliography and document information database in
compliance with national standards.
d. Improving service quality of science-technology
Facilitating staff to accurately...

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