Desensitization of Pakistani society

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DESENSITIZATION: Increasing Insensitivity in our society


What is Desensitization?
It is the process in which continuous or increased exposure to violence makes an individual numb to its emotional effects. The violence seems normal and more of a daily life incident rather than a shock. It dulls the response to violence, making it an acceptable behavior. Major reasons for Desensitization in our Society:

Increased Real Life Violence has resulted in our society’s reducing sensitivity to such incidents. Pakistan has been facing violence in terms of street crimes, murders, rapes, target killings, physical torture, bomb blasts, kidnappings and drone attacks. According to statistics, only in Karachi people are killed at the rate of 3.6 since 2010 due to target killings. Other casualties due to different reasons are a lot more than this when measured. CPLC murder statistics for 2010 indicate there were a total of 1339 terrorist killings, i.e., murders associated with terrorist acts or groups. This number increased in 2011 to 1724 terrorist killings, which is an increase of 29 percent; 2011 was recorded as Karachi’s second deadliest year in the past 20 years. According to recent study it was found that since the beginning of this year till November 17th, there have been 323 incidents of violence, killing 3088 people (civilians only).

Media Violence is another reason that has made us well acquainted with grotesque images and videos of brutal incidents. One form of violence that Media Violence includes is the violence showed in the form of entertainment that is in dramas, movies, animated series is one category only. It presents violence in serious ways as well as in humorous ways. When talking about dramas or series and movies most of the time violence shown is serious kind of violence, consisting of shooting someone, kidnapping, murder, rape or blasts. However, cartoons and apart from that certain movies or series show violence in humorous ways like in Home alone, three stooges which incorporates the wrong idea of violence being something that’s usual and the norm. Cartoons specially make our children get used to basic violence and its tools like guns and explosive materials. The other form of violence is the real life violence that is covered by media and aired to general public. When discussing about Pakistani society, breaking news and live coverage of bomb blasts, mob violence, nerve racking accidents is something we all are used to, to a level that has turned us insensitive to such incidents. Few channels have aired grotesque images without censor or any attempt to hide the content that is inappropriate. However, they do repeatedly state to not to see the news if the viewer is a child or a person with weak stamina to view such things; which is not an effective measure. •Lawlessness is a key reason in the increasing real life violence in Pakistan and its being aired on Media. In several incidents the basic cause of such violence is the lack of enforcement of law in order to reduce crime like mugging, target killing, bomb blast and execution of punishment orders when the criminals are arrested by police or rangers. Mob Violence is the best example when lawlessness is discussed. Since our Law enforcement agencies fail to implement law and maintain order in society, our people have started taking law in their hands. Up till now there are numerous cases of mob violence in Pakistan where suspects are beaten and handed over to police or at times beaten to death. The frequency of mob violence incidents have increased in past few years, mostly in Punjab. The incidents portray scaring ferocity. Be it long hours of load-shedding, a criminal caught red handed by the crowd, a traffic tragedy or someone...

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