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Topics: Teacher, School terminology, High school Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: March 16, 2011
TOPIC: some never give up. They keep going on and on.
One year after I have now came out of secondary school. With all of my six subjects and I was grateful and happy. How I have done an excellent job at passing c.x.c. My teachers of Malabar secondary have congratulated me for my success. As well as my best friend Stephon Murphy has passed his examinations. In the month of September, Murphy and I join Holy Cross College located in Calvary hill. To do a levels in mathematics, English and social studies .when registered for form six for two years. Both of our parents immediately went to buy our stationary, footwear and the appropriate school uniform for us. On Thursday 22nd September, 2011. The first day at school, the principal put us in different form six classes. Since we started classes we both talked at break and lunch time. Murphy and I had different classmates, but both of us were doing very well at our subject areas. Out teachers did not have any complaints or fighting matters to be dealt with the students in our classes. Vice principal, Mr. Mc. Malian was happy and excited for us because he saw our exams and coursework grades. And he said to the school chairman, “these boys are performing at their best.” Ms. Lopez was informing by the head of P.T.A. to give us extra evening classes in the subjects we are doing. Next day when she came in the morning in class to take roll call. She told me, I had evening classes with her as well as Murphy. I replied, “Thank you very much miss.” After seven and a half hours passed, lessons have begun. The teacher told us we were learning pass paper questions and skimming through the 2011 syllabus. For each subject we were doing for a levels. From every evening until examinations we revising and doing extra work. Twenty four Months have passed, and examinations have arrived in Holy Cross College. Murphy and I were fully revised and prepared to write the exams. The three subjects was sitted and written in the...
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